Decolores and Welcome!

Yes! The Cursillo Movement in the U.P. of Michigan Lives on!

Yes...The Cursillo Movement lives on but due to ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic the Cursillo weekends planned for July 2020 are cancelled.


Please remember that Cursillo does not end because we do not have a weekend. Cursillo lives on everyday as you continue to bring Christ's light into the world. There is no end to the call to make a friend, be a friend, and bring that friend to Christ!

This site will continue to be developed as we go forward with plans for the continuing support and growth of the Cursillo Movement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Blessings and the Peace of Christ be with you always. DeColores!



In the wake of Marygrove Retreat Center's closing, the Secretariat and Non Roman Council in the Diocese of Marquette has stepped up to assume administrative and financial responsibilities formerly facilitated by Marygrove staff and funding. To help keep Cursillistas across the U.P. informed we will be developing this site to post updates and information about future Cursillo weekends and the Cursillo Movement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

IN THE NEWS: Fr. Larry Van Damme has been appointed by our bishop as chaplain for the Cursillo Movement in the UP. If you would like to read his inspiring article about Cursillo, recently published in the U.P. Catholic, click on the button below.

THERE IS STILL: Much work ahead! 
Please CONTINUE your palanca for the the Cursillo Movement in the UP!


As we learned during our Cursillo weekends, prayer is the "lever of the apostles."

Prayer will see us through the work and transitions ahead and necessary to sustain this movement.


We have CANCELLED dates and venues for all Men's and Women's Weekends in Marquette, Michigan:

  • Northern Michigan University will provide lodging.

  • St. Michael Catholic Church will host Roman weekends

  • Messiah Lutheran will host NonRoman weekends.


We are grateful for the welcome we received from each of these three hosts and their gracious willingness to accommodate our team and candidate's needs and hope to revisit these opportunities again soon.

CANCELLED: Two Cursillo Weekends in July, 2020


Because NMU is able to accommodate large groups we are able to hold both Roman and NonRoman Cursillo weekends at the same time.


In 2020 the 2 Cursillo weekends ARE CANCELLED:

  • Men's (Roman/NonRoman) - CANCELLED

  • Women's (Roman/NonRoman) - CANCELLED

Sponsor Packets


Sponsors play a key role in sustaining the Cursillo Movement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Sponsor Packet has been designed to help you prepare yourself for sponsorship of a Cursillo candidate and to help you and your candidate prepare for a Cursillo weekend and the 4th Day journey that will follow.


Click on the button below to download the Sponsor packet.



Going forward the Cursillo movement in the UP will need financial support.

Cursillos in the U.P. of Michigan has been granted status as a 501(c )(3) organization. We are able to accept tax-deductible donations and can issue receipts if you need them. If you wish to donate to the Cursillo movement 

you may do so at your regular Ultreya meeting. You may also donate directly to Cursillos in the UP of Michigan directly at any Incredible Bank.